Going Half Way Around the World

Hello from Bahrain! On Monday night Stephanie and I flew from LAX to Hong Kong. Yes, this is the longer way to the Middle East, but I didn't consider that when the travel agent told me about it, plus it was less expensive. We spent 15 hours flying straight to Hong Kong, which actually went really well! We slept most of the way and it went by very quickly. It was weird though because our flight took off at 11:50 pm and I'm assuming that just about everyone had already had dinner by this point, but about an hour after take off they brought us dinner! And then 6 hours later they turned on the lights and fed us breakfast too! I personally would have preferred to keep the plane dark so I could sleep, but I guess they wanted to make certain that nobody starved. Very early in the morning we arrived in Hong Kong and Steph and I spent the majority of the day there walking around and exploring! I brought both of my cameras with me on this trip - my small, regular Canon digital camera and then my larger SLR Canon. These pictures are from my regular camera - there will be another post with pictures from my other camera coming soon.

Spent a little time in LA (well, technically Glendale) before we flew out of LAX. Man, how I love Southern California! We hit no traffic, the weather is almost always perfect, people are way friendly and nice and there are some beautiful sights. I just get a good vibe when I'm down there. It wouldn't take much to convince me to move down there (except I know financially CA is in a mess of trouble and it politically struggles too, but I still love it.)
Driving down the freeway. Sorry for the extreme blur, but I kinda like it.
Classic LAX.
When Steph and I were standing in line to go through security we were just talking about random stuff and somehow in being silly I said, "herro" instead of hello - not a good idea when you're on your way to China! I need to be more careful about what I say, because I don't want anyone to think I'm making fun of them when I'm not. Also while we were in line we saw some flight attendants for a different flight to China and they all looked like identical little China dolls. Flawless, gorgeous and tiny. They wore their hair in tight buns with bows and chopsticks and cute little form fitting outfits. Very different from what I'm used to.
I couldn't believe how beautiful the scenery was flying into China!
On our train ride into the city!
Steph excited to use her laptop again!
We didn't have a map, so I took a picture of a map just in case we needed to refer to it while walking around, but we actually never did. Somehow we were able to walk around for a few hours and make it back exactly where we needed to be when we needed to be there.
I am so totally not a fan of posting pictures of me looking gross, but I have to have proof that I actually was in China. Zero makeup except for the lipgloss. Shiny face, dirty hair and two bags slung across me, lovely.
This was a pretty place to stop and rest.
Again, not my best shot, but hey I was traveling for a long time. Steph is just such a natural beauty. We're sporting our matching glasses. Word to the wise - never, ever travel long distances in contacts. I learned that the hard way last year when I flew to London.
Goodbye China! You were good to us for the short time we visited you. And as you can tell the sky finally cleared up.

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