"In Bahrain you'll experience a kingdom of contrasts; old and new, luxury and tradition, sprawling desert and towering structures, historical scenes and modern architecture. Known for its hospitality, it represents a fascinating blend of traditional Arab and Western cultures."

I forgot how much time it takes to blog this extensively. Every day has been full of exploring and sight-seeing so blogging time is limited and I'm trying to make the most of it. I'm sure if I had more time I could make my posts more detailed and interesting, but I feel lucky right now if I just get something up at all! Dad and Paula have been so wonderful to us and we have had the absolute best time!! Big thank you to them!

Here is Dad and Paula's villa in Bahrain, it is so nice!
The view of the street. A very nice little neighborhood with a community pool, playground, tennis court, and workout room.
The pool - oh I love this pool! Laid out here one afternoon and worked on my tan a little :)
The family room. It's very nice inside and Steph and I each got our own bedroom. Included in the house are drivers and maids quarters (although they don't use them). It seems very foreign to me, but it is quite common over here.
Flying from Dubai into Bahrain - part of the coast of Bahrain.

I have this thing where I love to go to McDonalds in other countries and see what kind of food they serve there! Most of the food was pretty similar, except for the McArabian, which I ordered. It was basically pita bread, with sauce, veggies and chicken patties. Interesting, but good! The pics are on Steph's camera so I'll post them later.
Random fact: the weekend here is Friday and Saturday. That would definitely take some getting used to!

Another fact: Most women wear abayas which is a black over garment covering almost their entire body. In Saudi Arabia every woman must wear one in public, but luckily that is not the case here in Bahrain. They seem like they would be really hot! Most males wear a Kandura which is a white over garment.

I thought these multi-colored homes looked pretty interesting off the side of the highway. Dad said they're government housing.
Also, this is us flying on Gulf Air today from Dubai to Bahrain. I love this airline! Lunch was served even though it was only an hour long flight, plenty of leg room, they showed bloopers on the tv which were hilarious and very nice staff.

Here's what a license plate in Bahrain looks like. I took this of a random car in the airport parking lot. I memorized all of the number 1-10 in Arabic since being over here.
The streetlights turn yellow before they turn green, and someone told Dad if you want to know the definition of a nanosecond it's how long it takes for the guy behind you honk his horn when the light turns. People are pretty crazy drivers over here!

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