Sometime last summer I got a rock chip in my windshield. Ugh. I hate little hassles like this. I hoped and prayed it wouldn't grow into a giant crack across my windshield until I could go take it in to get it fixed. Finally, months later, I pulled out my mile long to-do list and started working on everything I had to do, including getting this stupid, little crack fixed. I started driving to find a place to go and pulled into a Jiffy Lube and then I thought for no reason at all, nope I don't want to go here. So I pulled out and kept driving. I was heading down State street when I saw Technaglass and thought, hmmm that looks like a good spot to get it fixed, plus the sign said it was only $20. Awesome. So I go inside and wait while they fix my windshield. It's a good time to catch up on a little texting, flip through some magazines and just chill until they're done. So after 15 minutes or so the guy who helped me pops his head in the door and says, "Ok, you're all done!" I stand up and say, "Great! So do I pay here at the counter or....?" He just motioned for me to come on outside and so I went out and he said, "You're all set, have a great day!" I was kinda confused and then realized that he just fixed my windshield for free!! I said, "Are you sure??" He nodded and gave me a big smile and told me to take care. How nice!! Totally made my day. I love little random acts of kindness. Thanks Technaglass, I will always go back to you!

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