Sunday morning Steph and I hung out with Paula and Cheryl in Salt Lake and had a wonderful time! We started off by going to Music and the Spoken Word in the Tabernacle. The music and messages were extra beautiful and the place was packed. It was the best one I've ever been to. Also, President Monson, Elder Oaks and David Archuleta were there!
David!! Ahhh, I love him! Cheryl was awesome and totally fearless in getting up close to him to get some good pictures! This is the best one I could get on my camera. Elder Oaks is just a few feet behind him, but he didn't get quite the same following.
Afterwards we walked around Temple Square and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and temple grounds.
Sister picture.
Candid pic of Cheryl, Paula and Steph. We had breakfast after we walked around Temple Square and then said bye before they flew back to Oregon. I'm so glad they could come down, it was really nice having them here!
There were tons of gorgeous flowers blooming on the temple grounds.
Stephanie, the model. She's too cute.Later that evening, Josh's Dad invited us for a delicious Sunday dinner. It was a feast!
Josh can eat SO MUCH. He doesn't section his food out on a plate, oh no, he takes a bowl and just layers it all on there.
Played some pool and ping pong. Whenever ever I'm near Grayson and Jake there is always rough-housing and tickling involved. It gets a little wild!
All the kids! It's been a while since we've all been together at the same time.
What a wonderful family-filled day!

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