St. Maarten Day 7

Yes, I'm still posting about St. Maarten! On what Brandon and I thought would be our last day there we went to Happy Beach. How appropriately named.

Giant hermit crab that Brandon is attempting to get.

Model time on the beach. I didn't know we were gonna take pictures but the sunset created the most beautiful golden glow on everyone and everything, so we had to take advantage of it.

Oh sweet Brandon, if I had to describe him in two words it would be loyal and fun. He is just one of those friends who is always there for you and I can always count on a good time when we're hanging out.

I love candid shots. I think this was probably my facial expression the majority of the trip - in between smiling and laughing at something.

This beach-side restaurant had such a nice ambiance.

I'm not much of a seafood person, but this was divine.

Ashely, Devin, Francesco, Brandon and myself had a very lovely and delicious dinner.

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