St. Maarten Day 5

Life has been such a whirlwind since I've been back that I haven't had time to finish blogging about St. Maarten!

We went back to the Westin which we so dearly loved. The beach was a 30 second walk (if you walk slow) from the pool.
Oh how I love this hotel. I loved just laying out and reading, listening to my ipod, taking in the beauty, snorkeling, ordering food, swimming around the pool and taking in the gorgeous scenery.
Our waitress was so wonderful. She kept calling Brandon "baby" and gave us free drinks! (Virgin of course).
Delicious paninis!
It's a hard life...
Next time I go back I want one of these! :)
We went on a little hike to Pic Paradis to watch the sunset and came and had dessert here afterward.
Wonderful atmosphere.
Creme Brulee of course :)

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