St. Barts (Day 6)

The island of the rich and famous is St. Barthelemy. It can be abbreviated St. Barts or St. Barth. Luckily it's only a 45 minute boat ride away from St. Maarten! Ashley and I really, really wanted to go here since we'd heard so many good things about it and so we convinced the boys that we'd rather do this than hike Saba. On the sixth day (wow, this is sounding like Genesis) we spent the day over at this beautiful island. It's incredibly clean and has a very exclusive feel. The dominant language is French and the landscape is to die for. According to Wikipedia, "St. Barts has long been considered a playground of the rich and famous and is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, gourmet dining in chic bistros and high-end designers."
We're on a boat! This is at like 6:30 in the morning so we're bit a tired. It was a rough boat ride over, no me gusta seasickness.
Maybe it's weird that I took a picture of a cemetery, but there were so many flowers that it was really pretty.
The MOST delicious breakfast ever! Oh my gosh, seriously. French bakery heaven! The cutest little French girls worked there and spoke very broken English. I ordered the most delicious croissant of my life and french toast which was also possibly the best I've ever had.Gorgeous Saline beach!! Absolutely beautiful.
Walking down to it. I'm not sure if it's this way everywhere in the Caribbean, but modesty is not enforced whatsoever. It's perfectly okay to go topless or more. I expected that the attractive people would be the ones willing to bare more skin, but in fact it was quite the opposite.
This picture isn't photoshopped, the water really is that aqua blue!
Random little road. We got a rental car for extremely cheap and just drove all over the island. I think might have even gone around more than once.
This picture has nothing to do it with it, but while in St. Bart's my arms started burning really badly. It was the most bizarre thing ever; it was definitely not like a normal sunburn. My guess is that it has to do with the bug bites I had. Bugs just love me and I had probably 7-10 little bites on each arm and that's exactly where my arms started to hurt. It wasn't like a sunburn pain, but just this terrible stinging. I kept ice cubes or the AC on it at all times to keep sane. It felt substantially better the next day and the pain was almost completely gone 2 days later, but the worst of it happened on this island. I still have no clue what caused it.
The roads are small and there's nothing busy or chaotic on this island. Very peaceful and serene.
View from the top of a hill - I felt like I was in a story or movie because everything was so picture perfect.
So gorgeous.
Beautiful sunset leaving the island
The boat ride back was much smoother, but about 5 minutes away from the dock the boat broke down! So we were just sitting and waiting for an extra hour! Haha, it's killer to be so close and yet not be able to do anything about it. Luckily I did not get seasick on the way back though, so that was good. It was a wonderful day and I highly recommend going to St. Barts.

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