Random is my Normal

My friend, Sydney, headlined at Velour last week and did an amazing job! I met her last summer in study abroad and am so happy that I could see her perform before she moves to Nashville. Her voice is amazing and she is a great performer.

I have the absolute best friend/roommate ever. When I came home from St. Maarten, this is what I found:

And as if the two signs weren't cute enough - balloons AND flowers!!
Hannah Smith after her awesome performance. She, Rachel and Zach were in a really cool Polynesian cultural performance at BYU and it was awesome!! I absolutely love the island culture and the dancing was amazing. I would pick watching this over a movie any day!

I'm so proud of my Maori heritage!
Made a water balloon launcher for my Advanced Writing class. How great is that? I'm in college and I get to make cool stuff like this for class. The assignment was about giving accurate and efficient instructions on something and since I'm in a group with all boys, we made this and had members of the class test it out. Had it been up to me, we probably would have instructions as to how to paint designs on finger nails or how to perfect the smokey eye look. This was way fun to do though and I'm going to teach Grayson how to make one :)
At a free Trueman concert in Provo. They were good, I like them.
Cutest friends alive - Kendis and Kelsey.
Our to dinner for a girl's night!
St. Patrick's Day/Easter baking
Joseph let me cut his hair! That is true trust in friendship haha. I have no skills or experience (although Tyler Jones let me cut his hair once in high school), but I told Joseph I wanted to cut his hair and he consented to let me do it. So I threw my apron and my hoodie around him, grabbed some scissors and went for it. It was really quite fun and I enjoyed it.
I have never known anyone who hates pictures as much as Joseph. He's trying to cover his face with his hand in this picture and I'm not having any of it. Good grief, it's just a picture.
Here's the finished product! The front looks the same as it did before only about 1/2 an inch shorter. I cut off a lot more in the back. Considering that I've never been taught how to cut hair, I think it turned out decent. He liked it too.
Beautiful Erin at an Oscar party we went to at her Aunt's house. So much good food!
Went to Brandon's family's house for dinner! So delicious and fun to be with all of them, they're wonderful people. We played a really funny game and ate this delicious homemade pavolva! MmmMmm!

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