Lunch With S

Yesterday I went up towards Salt Lake and had lunch at Cheesecake Factory with little S! For Christmas (or some holiday) Mom gave us a giftcard so we could go have lunch together and we did! Cheesecake Factory is seriously so good, I can't even believe it.

Our Thai Lettuce Wraps! Super good! And check put how gorgeous Steph is. It's just not fair- she has nothing on but mascara and her hair color is totally natural. Such a beauty!
Me with my giant salad! And I think ti's time for a haircut.
Our Mudpie dessert!!
We had to take a few pics together before we left. Finally Steph had to say, "Lauren I've got to study for a test, can I please go now?" So I said, "One more!" And she rolled her eyes because she knows that one more = ten more. She's a good sport about it.

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