I uploaded these photos 2 weeks ago and completely forgot to post it. Here's Erin and I before going to church, we're wearing out Easter outfits :)
At Cheesecake Factory with Phil and Erin for Nelson's birthday. The three of us laughed so, so, so much the entire night. Oh man, it was great.
That's probably my water cup....
One of the highlights of the night was turning around as we were leaving to see Erin lying next to the step in front of Cheesecake Factory. It took me a moment to process that she had tripped and fallen and was just laying there laughing. Then the elderly woman next to Phil and I started yelling, "Are you okay!? Oh dear she fell, are you okay!? " She was completely freaking out over a little tumble and I could tell Erin was just fine, but in addition to it already being kinda funny this lady made the situation hilarious. Phil and I were dying laughing. It was even funnier when Erin came over and told us that her bread had rolled out of her take-home bag onto the ground and someone picked it up and handed it to her. She couldn't quite figure out why they thought she'd still want to eat bread that had rolled onto the road, but whatever.
Happy birthday Nelson!!

Phil said the picture needed perspective so we could see how big the plate really was. So there's my Chicken Bellagio with him holding his fork in front of it. He managed to switch our water cups without me noticing during dinner and then he said, "Did you drink all your water?" And I said, "I guess I did." Then he laughed because I'm completely oblivious to my surroundings seeing as how he drank both his water and mine. Oh and by the way, the reason I took a picture of this is because A) I always photograph what I eat. and B) It's the best thing to order at Cheesecake. Everyone near me at the table agreed - it's heaven. Thank you to Erin for introducing it into my life, I'll never be the same again.
This is rather embarrassing. Erin and I went to the store to get supplies for lasagna and when we came home I started putting the cheese ingredients away and realized, wow we have A LOT of cheese in our fridge that's just ours. So I pulled out all the cheese that Erin and I own and this is what we found: 10 different types of cheese. Wow, obsessed much?
The finished lasagna product
We had fondue for dessert that night. Erin holding up a piece with Eric in the background.

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