The Canyons

Steph and I have made a goal to ski at every resort in Utah and we're doing pretty well so far. On Friday we went to The Canyons, a resort in Park City that neither of us had been to yet. It's the largest ski and snowboard resort in Utah and one of the five largest in the United States with 167 trails. Skiing is quite an expensive hobby though, so luckily my friend Phil gave Steph and I a 50% discount on lift tickets.
On the chairlift! We had so much fun together!! I don't have many skier friends, so I feel really grateful that my little sister loves to do it just as much as I do! The best part is that she's even better than I am! She is ridiculously fast and yet looks so graceful when she's going down the mountain.
Great view. Wearing my brand new ski pants Steph found for me :) It was such a warm day I really didn't even need to be as bundled up as I was.

People throw the weirdest things into the trees next to the lift - case in point: naked baby.
Beautiful scenery!
Sweet gondola! I bet this would be fantastic when it's super cold and windy outside.
Steep chairlift!

Steph and I both loved skiing here and had a wonderful time together! Lots of laughing and being silly. However, at the end of the day on my very last run I had an incident and sprained my ankle :/ I'm fine and I'm so glad it wasn't broken like they initially suspected it was. You can just call me gimpy for the next couple of weeks.

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April 12, 2010 at 3:09 PM

Gah. Now I want to hit the canyons.. i've always hit sundance though.

And you'll always get lots of weird stuff in the trees next to any lift. I found a pair of pants in one.

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