Water Balloon Launcher

In case you have little brothers, or you're ever really bored one day, here's how to create a water balloon launcher. One of the easiest and most fun assignments I've ever had to do. Good thing I was in a group with all boys.
Instructions for a Water Balloon Launcher:

List of Items:

(1) Funnel (pint size), (1) Piece Rope (18-24”), (2) Piece Surgical Tubing (24”)


(1) Marker, (1) Drill, (1) Drill Bit (5/16”)


1. First, take funnel and pinch into an oval shape. Mark the corresponding ends with a marker.

2. Turn the funnel on its side and beneath the marks make two small circles, one near the top, and the other straight below it, near the base of the funnel. Do this for both sides.

3. Next, take drill and with the 5/16 bit carefully drill through the 2 marks on each side of the funnel.

4. Take the piece of rope and thread it through both of the holes on the base of the funnel.

5. Now take the two ends of the rope, place them together, and tie a regular overhand knot.

6. Next take both tubes and thread 1 piece of tubing through each of the remaining two holes, and tie in the same fashion as with the rope (step 5).

7. Finally, pull the tubing back through the holes, from the inside of the funnel, until the knot in the tubing is against the outside of the funnel.

You now have a water balloon launcher!

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