St. Maarten Day 4

I was in such a hurry to post on my trip that I didn't mention that the island is divided into two sections - the norther half is French and the Southern half. Therefore there are two spellings. The French sides writes it Saint Martin and the Dutch side calls it Sint Maarten. Yes, Sint. We stayed on the Dutch side, near Philipsburg in Pointe Blache. We went all around the island multiple times and I loved both sides. There is a huge European influence on the island and lots of people who speak French, it was great. However, the only down side to the European influence is that when I went to Ben and Jerry's and ordered a shake it was basically chocolate milk. I can't count how many times this happened to me in Europe. I get a craving for a thick, creamy shake, order one and then I realize my mistake as soon as I get my completely runny shake. Oh, well. That reminds I'm still kinda craving one....

"Everyting Cool" This is totally how they talk, not "thing" but "ting."
I guess this would be called the boardwalk? Lots of shops and places to get food right next to the beach near where the cruise ships dock.
Cupecoy. Most beautiful beach I have ever been to. I just couldn't get over how clear and bright the water was. The prettiest color of aqua I've ever seen. The best part was that we had the beach all to ourselves. We laid out and swam, laid out and swam - repeat multiple times. It was heaven - definitely a big contrast from the beaches of California. If you're ever in St. Maarten - go here! Walk past the main portion of the beach a little further and there are some stairs that will take you down to this little section.
For some reason I was very amused that there were cotton bushes and cacti on the island. I guess it might be normal, but it just didn't seem very island-y.

View on a drive around the island.
We took a hike around Guana Bay. Pretty green hillside looking out onto the ocean - in the distance you could see some of the other islands.. It reminded me of a hike I went on in Scotland. This hike though was not nearly as strenuous, thank goodness.

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