St. Maarten Day 3

So we started out the 3rd day by going to the Westin, which is an incredibly beautiful hotel. It was also Ashley's birthday so we went out and celebrated in the evening.

There is a large, beautiful pool at the Westin, surrounded by palm trees that looks right out onto the beach. I couldn't get over how picture-perfect it was. Random fact: Devin saw Lance Bass here a couple of weeks ago.
Dawn Beach, the beach right in front of the hotel. The snorkeling was great here! We saw a sunken ship and an iguana swimming around in the water, I had no clue they could swim!
Happy birthday Ashley!!! It was fun to get all dressed up and go out. I haven't worn makeup most of the trip, so it was nice to actually put a little on.
Making faces.
Went to this place called Gran Case (pronounced cause) which was so much fun. Lots of street vendors and shops, a parade and so much good, good food. Here's the beginning of the parade
Food! Lots and lots of good food here. Service though is verrrry slow. They're definitely on island time. It goes something like this: Sit down. Get the menu 10 minutes later. Order 15 minutes later. Eat for 45 minutes and wait another hour for the check. It's fun though because we're in no rush to go anywhere. I do prefer the way the US does it though because at least when you're given your check at the end of your meal you have the option to stay or go. Here, you know you're gonna be sitting for a while even if you ask for it.
We walked out to this dock that had partially fallen into the water and just talked and looked back on to Gran Case.
I always take a picture of my food, but this one is special because this is the BEST shrimp I have ever had. Seriously whatever sauce it was grilled in is just to die for. And the curry rice was delicious as well as the plantains.
Out on the dock. The flash makes it hard to see how tan we are, but we are tan.
All out on the dock.

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