St. Maarten Day 2

Another great day full of sun, water and food!
Modeling by the boats
Crepes - I could eat these morning, noon and night!! (Although the crepes in France are best!)
The cutest little French restaurant. I feel like I am in France half of the time I am here because we are surrounded by so many French people and bakeries. It's awesome
What a cute little gazebo on Pinel. Ashley and I sat here and had a good conversation as we looked out onto the ocean.
Brandon and I going snorkeling!! So fun!!

Getting ready to go!
Getting ready to get on the boat to Pinel. (Sorry this is a little backwards). I just have to say that Devin has been the BEST host and tourguide. I never would have been able to do or see so many awesome things without him.
All on the boat! I'm on a boat...I'm on a boat
Soooo pretty! Looks like a postcard!
Brandon showing off his handstand skills.
Sailing away from Pinel. Beautiful beach and great place to snorkel just 10 minutes away from St. Maarten.
Vitamin D is very important for the body and so nobody needs to worry, I'm getting plenty of it! I know too much is bad, but I use sunscreen and don't lay out for too long. And hello, I'm in the Caribbean, how can I not enjoy relaxing in the sun, especially when I know I have to back to Utah.

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