St. Maarten Day 1

St. Maarten is WONDERFUL!!!! Absolutely gorgeous. I didn't sleep at all Friday night because I had so much to get done with school and packing before I left, and Saturday night we took a red-eye flight to St. Maarten and so although I did fall asleep on the plane and in the airport it wasn't a very good sleep, so that explains why I look so tired in these pictures haha. We arrived on the island around 2 in the afternoon and all these pictures are from about 2pm to 10pm on the 14th.

Here's me, Ashley and Brandon getting ready to go visit Devin and the beautiful island he lives on!
This is me passed out on the floor in the Atlanta airport. Yes I brought a sleep mask, kinda embarrassing but it really helped!
Another airport picture - I wasn't the only tired one apparently.
HAHA - so Devin was there right on time to pick us up from the airport, but the only problem was that he locked his keys in the car. The solution? Have someone purposely break into your car, problem solved. I've never seen anyone do this before so that was quite a learning experience.
Driving home from the airport to Devin's place. Aren't the clouds so awesome? They look like they were painted in the sky.
This is the view from Devin's balcony. Pretty awesome, right? Devin works for Del Sol which is why he lives in St. Maarten, in case you're wondering.
One of the first views I had of the ocean, the water is unbelievably beautiful. I just couldn't get over how pretty it was, it looked as if somebody had photoshopped it.
Brandon and I before getting wet! This is at Mullet Bay. Great name for a beach right?
Us all in the ocean!! Brandon, Devin, Ashley and myself. We swam out by this boat at sunset and I felt like I was in a movie - it was just perfect! And these guys on the beach were playing some cool island music which really made me feel like I was in the Caribbean.
Me swimming out in the water with the sun setting in the background. I had only been on the island a couple of hours and was already loving it! One of my favorite pictures from the trip.
For dinner we walked along this cute street and got dinner at the Kracken. Named from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We had super delicious crepes, although not cheap.
St. Maarten is an incredible place, I really think everyone needs to come here at least once!! More pictures to come for sure :)

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