South Coast Plaza

While on our roadtrip we had to stop at South Coast Plaza. Yes, had to stop (it's so worth it). It's probably the best mall I've ever been to (however, there are some places in London that are pretty close). Their Nordstrom is huge with the latest styles (whereas the Nordstrom in Utah seems to get clothes that were in style 6 months earlier). They have all the fancy, high-end fashion stores that are fun to browse. Not like I have $900 to drop on a LV scarf, but it's fun to look anyway.

Some nice lady took a picture of Erin and I in front of Saks Fifth Avenue. Gosh, we look like such tourists and yet I've been coming to this mall since I was little! Really, I remember coming here many times when I was young to do Christmas shopping with the family, except the only store I cared about was FAO Schwartz.
Heaven!! We couldn't resist Godiva.
We pulled in to the parking lot and as soon as I stepped out I realized I wasn't in provo anymore. We were surrounded by some seriously nice cars. But we rocked Erin's Nissan

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March 19, 2010 at 9:00 AM

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