On our roadtrip we spent two days in Bakersfield and had a wonderful time! Lots of relaxing, visiting family and good food! I just love going home, it makes me soooo happy. Ask anyone, I could barely sleep I was so excited.

All of the family got together at Aunt Heidi's and Ashley came with us too!! She's so adorable. When she met my Grandma she gave her a hug and said, "You're CUTE!!!" It was so funny! And my Grandma loved it! We all had so much fun over there visiting and laughing. And enjoyed delicious banana cream pie.
A trip to Bakersfield would not be complete without going to Dewars!! Or Dew-ers as Dad calls it haha. It tasted it even better than I remembered. I deviated from my typical sundae and got a George's Special with almonds. MmmMmm good!
Me and Erin inside
Grayson had his pinewood derby race and so we went to see him. He came in 5th place which was good! Mom looks cute in her little scout leader outfit

Dixon and Grayson made us blueberry pancakes in the morning, so good!
Little G and I on the sofa after an intense game of tag and some wrestling. He was such an angel the entire trip.
Finally someone who could play Call of Duty with him and give him a challenge.
Just playing around
What a wonderful trip!!! I laughed so, so, so much the whole time. I'm so glad I have family and friends with such a great sense of humor.

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