Zach and Stacie's Wedding Reception

On Saturday, my long time friends, Zach Smith and Stacie Nichols, got married!! They dated all throughout high school and finally tied the knot this weekend. I'm so happy for them!

Here's Angela, Sabrina and I at the reception. Angela knew them through hanging out with me in high school and Sabrina lives across the street from them. I love seeing everyone again!
Love the Maori dancing
Talk about a MAY-JA Bakersfield reunion. EVERYONE was there!! I grabbed a few of the people closest to me and got them together for a picture but there were lots more!! It was a beautiful reception in Stacie's backyard. It was seriously so good to see everyone. It was like the reunion of the decade.
Talk about a beautiful family!! I'm so lucky to be related to the three of them!! (Aunt Heidi, Grandma and Mom).
Me and Angela! Oh my gosh, how I have missed her!!
Us and Jenny!! And her amazing brown hair :)

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