Santa Barbara Part 2

Welcome to the gorgeous city of Santa Barbara!!
Have you noticed I love taking picture of flowers?

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

The weather was absolutely perfect. Not even a cloud in the sky. Every time I say that though I jinx it because then out of nowhere, there appears one small little cloud to completely ruin what I just said.

I just love the buildings and architecture down in SB, so pretty.


We happened to go to SB during a festival, which was really fun! There were lots of a little vendors and people selling a variety of goods, including confetti eggs!!

Here are the confeitt eggs. They drain them and then fill them with confetti and then color them really pretty!

I think Mom bought at least 20!

Little children selling the eggs

Everything is so brightly colored!!

Even animal confetti eggs!

A little vegetable garden of eggs!

I'm a little obsessed


These girls had fun cracking the eggs on each other - you can see the confetti in their hair!
I wish the State Street in Provo was this pretty

Ohmygosh, I saw an UNDERGROUND sign in California!! I guess it's a sign for a bar or something, but it made me so, so, so happy to see it! Man, I seriously miss London.

Scientology!! Random!!

There was this guy playing the guitar on his unicycle with such a determined face, obviously trying to earn money. A man crossing the street near us softly commented to the people near him, "Kinda cool, but kinda sad."

The mall we went shopping at - Paseo Nuevo

The pier

City lights

Full moon

2 Response to Santa Barbara Part 2

August 10, 2009 at 4:24 AM

Can I come play? It looks like the absolute perfect place.

August 11, 2009 at 6:32 PM

I LOVE SB! Wonderful place to visit and play. Looks like so much fun, as always :)

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