Random Occurances

I was going through my my blog today and realized I still have MORE posts from London that I never published.

I made a list of a few random occurrences that happened while in London:

Me, Brandt, Mari and Brinai went to Wicked together and were taking pictures before the show started. The lady next to me offered to take a group picture of us. Afterwards we started talking and I asked where she was from and she said Bakersfield!! We got talking and our homes are less than 5 minutes away from each other. What are the odds?!?

Another time, I was at at Lion King and during the intermission got talking with the girl next to me. Turns out that she is a Public Health Major as well and was telling me about how she goes to college in Illinois but is out here learning about public health etc. Not too many Public Health majors our there so it was really fun talking with her.

And...one of our most favorite places to go in London on the weekends was Borough Market. One Saturday while we were there we got talking to this man who was selling really good pear juice. He was very friendly and when he learned that we were BYU students he got very excited and ran to the back of his little shop and came out wearing a BYU hat!! How funny...of all the schools, he would happen to have a BYU hat with him.

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