Sweden/Cruise Day 1

I didn't have internet on the cruise ship (well, I could have had it if I wanted to pay .55 a minute, but that's just way tooo much) so I'm going to go back and catch up on everything that happened last week.

Flying to Sweden!
So bizarre to see Swedish everywhere, it's quite an interesting language.
This is right before we landed. I couldn't get over how green and foresty Sweden was! I'm not
sure what I expected, but it wasn't this.
I took this pic on our taxi drive from the airport to the Cruise Ship. Sweden is a beautiful country!
Our boat! Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas.
Mom and I doing our life jacket training. Traveling days = no makeup.
The table we sat at for dinner each night.
Our waiter was hilarious. He did magic tricks for us after dessert every night. And then at the end of the trip he showed us how did them!
In our cabin with my little Harrods bear. That place is too expensive to buy clothes, so I got this little guy :)
These are some pictures I took as we were leaving Sweden. Obviously some of them are edited. I would love to spend more time in Sweden - the people were so nice and it is just such a place.

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