And here is Shakespeare's house! I only have one picture of it, which might give you an idea of how interested I was in it. I love seeing original works of art or original manuscripts, but I just don't understand what's so exciting about seeing the person's house. It looks just like any other house from this time period and it's cool that Shakespeare lived there, but it's still just a house. I know most people love this kind of thing, but it's just not quite as exciting to me. I'd rather be at the British Library and seeing WHAT made the people famous, not just where the famous person lived.

This is me on Mary Arden's Farm (Shakespeare's Mom). They are really into falconry and if I asked this man a question he gave me a little piece of meat and then the falcon would fly over to my arm. It was pretty cool.

This is Anne Hathaway's Cottage. Not the movie star Anne Hathaway, but Shakespeare's wife. He was 18 and she was 26 when they had their shotgun wedding. And don't be fooled by the word cottage - it has 12 rooms and is pretty nice!

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June 13, 2009 at 7:55 PM

Some of my very favorite pictures from London were taken at Anne Hathaway's house. Yay!

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