More Random Pictures

Look! Pizza Factory is even here in London!! I didn't think I'd be seeing PF for a while, but I guess you can never really leave the PF. I wonder how their breadtwists compare to ours...While walking around Leicester Square the other night we witnessed a really scary fight! A man pushed his girlfriend down into a chair right here in front of Haagan Dazs. Then she big time slapped him and then he picked up a table and threw it at the window and cracked it. It happened all so fast we hardly had time to respond and as soon as the table was thrown they disappeared. The police came on the scene soon after.
Ginger Rights! We saw a group of protesters in Leicester Square protesting for Ginger Rights...enough said. Brandt's a pimp. As Lynn said, doesn't this look like it could be on page 2 or 3 of a tabloid? "Brandt spotted with mystery women..."

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