Goodbye Study Abroad!

Study Abroad is officially over :( I can easily say that it was one of the very best experiences of my entire life. These past two months have been borderline perfect. Every single day was full of adventure and fun and I learned SO MUCH. I took Fine Arts and Psychology where I learned lots of interesting information, but I learned so much more by being immersed into a new culture with all new people. We had a fireside our last night where people shared talents and favorite memories from this experience and out of nowhere we all started crying. I think the reality of leaving really set in and we just weren't ready to say goodbye to our friends or to London. We all had the most amazing experience which we are so grateful for and always will be. After the fireside two girls in the group, Katie and Sara, had an awards ceremony. They gave every single girl in the group an award and it was absolutely hilarious. We laughed and laughed and laughed, again reminiscing about all the memories we had created. It was so fun to share and relive so many memories and funny experiences. It was the perfect last night.
I have much more to say, but I'm really short on time, so I'll have to save my thoughts for another post. But basically, London was everything I hoped for and much much more.

I have become so used to spending every moment with my friends that it's been really weird to adjust not being with them 24/7. Here's Mari, Sydney, me and Britney at the Transformers Premier together. Loooove these girls! It was so fun to meet up with them after study abroad had ended. All their parents came out to travel with them afterwards and it was so fun to meet them.

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June 18, 2009 at 5:19 PM

Lauren: I did study abroad for a semester in Jerusalem, and I know exactly how you feel! It was so sad to leave everyone. The wierdest moment was on my flight home. I was on the last leg alone, and it was the first time I have been "alone" in over 4 months. It felt so wierd. 10 years later, I still miss it and all my friends.
Sharol(Austin) Bluemel

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