Here are pictures from when Mom and I went to Estonia! We were there for one day and took a 3 hour tour of the city, Tallinn. Really cool, pretty, interesting country. An interesting fact: Europe is known for not being very religious, but out of all the European countries Estonia is the least religious.
Beautiful view

Cute houseTheir flag.

Think Graffiti is just for downtown LA? Oh's made it's way all the way to Estonia.

Very beautiful landscapes and buildings.

They have major song festival here every four years.
Our tour guide told us all about Estonia's past. I had no idea they were ruled by Russia for so long. They finally gained their independence in 1991, but the land they got back was smaller than it had been originally. Our guide joked that he didn't know why the largest country had to take land from the smallest country, but then again that's probably why it's so big, because they take from everyone. Our guide said that when Russia was in power they controlled everything very tightly - he said growing up he had never even seen or heard of a banana! (And he didn't look too much older than me). I can't even imagine living like that.

There were some crazy looking languages in this menu.

Mom and I ordered Garlic Bread thinking that was a safe bet. And here's what we got - something totally different than what we expected. They certainly put the garlic in garlic bread - that stuff was strong!!

Our boat!
All the people at our table! Except for the Dad of the family isn't in it. And our waiter and our head waiter. This family is from Sweden and they were on a cruise for their Mom's birthday. Who has the exact same birthday as my Mom!! So they got to celebrate it together - the waiters brought cake with a candle and they all sang. They were such a nice family and spoke great English. We really enjoyed getting to know them.
I loooooved coming into the room at night and seeing all the cool ways they fold the towels. Mom and I got a pamphlet on the ship that shows how to fold them - I'm going to try :)

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June 29, 2009 at 10:34 PM

Hey Lauren! We have LOVED looking at your London pictures. We miss you so much. It sounds like your summer is going WONDERFULLY!! Yeah! We need to catch up on the phone sometime. Love you!

August 29, 2009 at 7:15 AM

my mom has lived half of her life in cccp, but she ate bananas. I think the guides parents didn't let him eat bananas.

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